ROUNDUP: Platform holders at E3

This year’s E3 was an important one for all players. With the global economy still in dire straights and the games industry starting to appear a little vulnerable, it was important that all three platform holders came up with some big ideas to keep the interest in gaming on its upward curve.

As expected, Sony revealed a very me-too answer to Nintendo’s WiiMote, and whilst it technologically looked impressive it was blown out of the water by Microsoft’s Natal camera technology – an advancement some are claiming will change not just gaming but the way we all interface with technology.

What Sony lacked in tech wows it made up for with some great software announcements. The leak-free reveals of both Rockstar’s Agent and Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV were hugely impressive – and the fact that both will be PS3 exclusive is great news for Sony.

Here’s the complete list of every last announcement made by the big three:


‘We’re committed to PS2’
Uncharted 2 takes centre stage
MAG demonstrated, dated for Fall
PSP video content goes direct
Gran Turismo PSP finally nears release
MGS Peace Walker confirmed
PSN hits 465 million downloads
Assassin’s Creed 2 features PSP link-up
Modnation Racers for PS3 presented at E3
GT5 shown off
Project Trico becomes The Last Guardian
God of War III savages conference
Resident Evil Portable shown
PSP Go officially announced
New Rockstar game exclusive to PS3
PS3 motion control confirmed
FFXIV unveiled in shock announcement


New Super Mario Bros announced
Wii Fit Plus confirmed
‘We’re the best choice for third parties’
New IP proves that "DS equals diversity"
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days dated
Mario & Luigi 3 dated
Golden Sun DS revealed
Now DSi gets in on the Facebook party
First ever download-only Mario revealed
New hardware unveiled
Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced
New Metroid title shown


Global ‘Games on Demand’ service heading to 360
Natal is the Xbox 360 successor
New motion-sensing camera revealed
Metal Gear Solid IS coming to 360
Forza 3 officially announced
Crackdown 2 confirmed
Valve readies biggest ever push for Left4Dead 2
Alan Wake coming next spring
Bungie reveals Halo Reach
Halo ODST dated for this September
Spring release for FFXIII
Splinter Cell Conviction to be 360 exclusive
Xbox teams up with, Facebook and Twitter
Epic unveils Shadow Complex for 360
Microsoft secures Modern Warfare 2 DLC
Exclusive Beatles Rock Band DLC on Xbox Live
The Beatles kick off E3

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