Sega proposes $1.25m payment to settle Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit

Publisher Sega hopes settle its way out of the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit via a payment of $1.25m.

Polygon reports that should the settlement be agreed upon, Sega will escape any further litigation relating to the game – but leave Gearbox fighting on.

Of the proposed $1.25m payment, $312.5k is to cover fees, $200k to pay for administration, $2.5k will go to the plaintiff and the rest to eligible customers who paid for the game. These latter payments represent merely a refund and will not include any form of recompense.

The plaintiffs still fully expect to receive further damages from Gearbox while Sega insists that the settlement is in no way an admission of guilt.

The lawsuit, filed in 2013, argues that Sega and Gearbox mislead buyers of the game by releasing marketing materials that were not representative of the visually less impressive final product.

Gearbox earlier this month filed a request to be made exempt of all legal action, arguing that Sega had the sign off on the game’s major design decisions.

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