Super Mario Maker dethrones Metal Gear Solid 5 in Japanese retail charts

Super Mario Maker has made quite the impression during its first week on sale in Japan.

The Wii U exclusive, which sees players construct their own 2D platforming levels from iconic elements of Nintendo’s flagship franchise, shot to the top of the software rankings, selling over 143,000 units.

Mario’s ascent knocked the latest in fellow iconic Japanese series Metal Gear Solid from the top spot, with The Phantom Pain on PS4 dropping to fourth. The PS3 version of the game sank to sixth.

Metal Gear Solid V sold almost a combined 500,000 units in its first week on sale in the country, with last week’s figures easily pushing the game over the half-a-million mark.

Filling the podium space in MGS5’s stead were new entry Monster Hunter Nikki: PokaPoka Felyne Village DX, a spin-off of Capcom’s highly popular multiplayer franchise, and RPG sequel Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, which remained in third place despite sales halving.

No other new entries made the Top Ten last week, with the charts largely maintaining its order from the previous week, excepting the disappearance of Mario Kart 8 and IS 2: Love and Purge.

Meanwhile, over in the hardware rankings, Wii U was spurred to the top of the heap by Super Mario Maker, sales more than doubling week-on-week.

It was followed by the New Nintendo 3DS XL and the former week’s star hardware, the PS4. The sales of the latter platform fell by more than 35,000 as MGS5’s magic began to wear off.

Here is the software Top Ten for the week ending September 13th:

  1. Super Mario Maker (Nintendo) Wii U – 143,514 (New)
  2. Monster Hunter Nikki: PokaPoka Felyne Village DX (Capcom) 3DS – 52,272 (New)
  3. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (Square Enix) 3DS – 45,954
  4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Konami) PS4 – 36,765
  5. Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Akaneko-dan / Shiroinu-tai (Level 5) 3DS – 31,399
  6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Konami) PS3 – 31,112
  7. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (Nintendo) 3DS – 17,924
  8. Splatoon (Nintendo) Wii U – 14,676
  9. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Sony) Vita – 6,655
  10. Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ (Nintendo) 3DS – 6,397

And here are the hardware rankings:

  1. Wii U – 20,564
  2. New Nintendo 3DS XL – 19,418
  3. PS4 – 18,354
  4. PS Vita – 8,631
  5. New Nintendo 3DS – 3,299
  6. PS3 – 2,083
  7. Nintendo 3DS – 1,181
  8. Nintendo 3DS XL – 826
  9. PS Vita TV – 309
  10. Xbox One – 115

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