Top 100 Women in Games: Rosemary Buahin

PlayStation UK’s head of trade marketingRosemary Buahin talks to MCV about her career in games.

Tell us about your career in games?

Video games was my first proper job out of university, and I fell into the industry by accident. I was temping for a High Street recruitment consultant and got a placement with Eidos Interactive; I ended up staying and worked as their international sales co-coordinator. I fell in love with the games industry and 15 years later, I’ve never looked back

What made you excited about games?

I loved gaming anyway –Doom and Donkey Kong were my jam – and had a creative background so I was intrigued by the graphic capabilities that could transform naive 2D visuals into spectacular 3D polygon graphics.I was blown away and wanted to learn more. So I knew I wanted to be part of this world and the supply process that brought games to market.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Everyone knows that I love cardboard and exploring different elements, and I am proud to have created really cool stuff over the years. One highlight was sourcing a real fisherman’s rope to mount a swinging Batman for Batman Arkham City point-of-sale.

The PS3 launch was another highlight as it was the first time that I designed and implemented in-store furniture displays at retail, providing opportunities to play for the first time on 40” HD TVs. The campaign was punctuated with a phenomenal retail midnight launch event where we gave away some of these excess TVs to consumers so they could experience true HD gaming with their new PS3s.

Other highlights were of course my MCV Special Recognition Award, which was such a surprise; making the MCV Fantasy Dream Team, and the PlayStation UK team winning multiple awards last year included Best Trade Marketing Team. Felt like we’d finally arrived.

What goals do you have for the future?

To penetrate the digital landscape and adapt some of the skills learnt over the years to this expanding medium.

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