UK gaming café plans nationwide expansion

Cornwall-based video games caf Loading wants to open new bars in London.

The outlet – which has produced a host of games-related drinks and held several club nights in its two years since starting up – is now seeking investors to help it grow across the UK.

This investment would allow me to spend on trade shows and events which I can’t do at present asmy money is stretched,” says Loading founderJames Dance.

While I currently have a small team that helps out, I’m still being funded by myself, so the ability to hire other people to work on Loading could really seeit expand.

The second long-term plan is to get the funding to be able to do what we do, but place it where the bulk of the business is – London. I know a few people are looking at something along those lines, but nobody bar ourselves seem to have the blend of industry, branding and experience.”

Loading has worked with several publishers over the past year, including EA, Capcom, THQ and Square Enix. It has produced and sold several unique drinks such as the ‘Deus Ex on the Beach’ and the ‘Resident Evil G and T Virus’.

You can get in touch with Loading by emailing

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