VIDEO: Gamesaid’s epic Cologne-Brighton bike ride

GamesAid has released an official video of its epic Cologne to Brighton bike ride.

The event took place after the Gamescom expo last month and saw a collection of journalist and industry notable tackle the daunting 318 mile stretch back to their homeland.

Here’s a complete run-down of all the stats and the official video. Donations can still be made at the official JustGiving web page.


  • 131km (82 miles) in 7h 11m riding time (14h 20m from start to end)
  • 3,338 calories burnt (so 2,500 base + 3,338 = 5,838)
  • Average speed of 18.4km/h (11.4mph)
  • Total climbing 1,210m (3,993 feet)
  • Maximum speed 57km/h (35.4mph)
  • Maximum heart 189bpm


  • 182.09km (113 miles) in 10h 5m (15h 34 from start to end)
  • 4,045 calories burnt (so 2,500 base + 4,045 = 6,545)
  • Average speed of 18km/h (11.2mph)
  • Total climbing 1,411m (4,620 feet)
  • Maximum speed 51.8km/h (32.2mph)
  • Maximum heart rate 165bpm


  • 174km (109 miles) in 8h 5m (13h 35m from start to end)
  • 3,204 calories burnt (so 2,500 + 3,204 = 5,704)
  • Average speed of 19km/h (11.8mph)
  • Total climbing 1,144m (3,775 feet)
  • Maximum speed of 61km/h (37.9mph)
  • Maximum heart rate 165bpm

TOTAL DISTANCE: 509km / 318miles

TOTAL CLIMBING: 3,765m / 12,424ft (the same as climbing Ben Nevis 3 times!)

TOTAL CALORIES: 10,587kcal riding (18,087kcal taking into account the calories needed just to exist!)


  • Liege was where the 2012 Tour de France prologue was held, just a few Km’s north from where we entered the city.
  • The route we took from Abbeville to Dieppe was the same route that this years Tour also ran on. We were following in the footsteps of a certain Mr B Wiggins!!!!
  • In order to maintain the calories needed for the ride (nearly 19,000), you would need to eat:
  • 400 jaffa cakes or
  • 44 kebabs or
  • 65 mars bars or
  • 103 packets of cheese n onion crisps or
  • Drink 136 cans of regular Coke or
  • Drink 50 pints of full cream milk or
  • Eat 37 quarter pounders with cheese or
  • 132 banannas or
  • Drink 85 pints of Stella Artois!!!!!

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