Evo 2015 draws 250,000+ viewers for climactic finals

The premier fighting game tournament of the year, Evo, drew more than 250,000 Twitch viewers to see Momochi win Ultra Street Fighter 4 last night.

The three-day event broke multiple viewership records during previous finals, which saw Smash Bros. Melee becoming the most watched fighting game event with 206,839 viewers on the official stream before SF4 topped that on the same day.

The USF4 finals themselves saw the best drama that fighting games have to offer as Momochi beat Gamerbee in a nail-biting match after Gamerbee reset the bracket to push it to a full best-of-5.

Gamerbee’s route into the final via the Loser’s Bracket saw him face off against previous Evo champions and heavy hitters of SF4, such as Infiltration and PR Balrog.

It also saw some of the worst drama as Momochi’s Razer fight stick failed during the fifth and final game, causing him to drop a round and forcing him to use a spare provided by rival manufacturer and tournament sponsor MadCatz.

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