Evolve pre-purchasers on Xbox One allowed to skip much of the grind

Gamers who pay early for Evolve on Xbox One are able to skip a large part of the game’s grind and instantly unlock its juiciest rewards.

Polygon reports that buyers who pre-purchase the game on Xbox One, requiring that they pay the entire fee up front, will upon release gain instant access to not only the Wraith monster but also all three third tier hunters.

Effectively, all of the most powerful characters will be unlocked without the need to earn them in-game. The characters will also be available for qualifying buyers in the Xbox One beta kicking off this week.

Pre-orderers also get access to a fourth playable monster not available to vanilla purchases.

The site reckons that the unlocks would normally take in the region of between ten and 15 hours to unlock via normal gameplay.

Evolve will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 10th.

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