Ex-employee slams Pandemic management

A purported former developer at defunct studio Pandemic has broken his silence on the state of the studio before EA gave it the axe.

The alleged developer – writing anonymously on a gaming forum – slammed Pandemic’s management and said that EA probably made the right decision to close the studio down.

I can tell you one thing. The reason why the studio closed down has everything to do with the existing Pandemic management,” read the post.

From what we were told, Pandemic management was given free reign to do as they please. Time and time again, they dropped the ball with bad decisions – no production accountability, misallocation of resources, poor milestone objectives, no mentoring, etc.”

Speaking of EA’s move to close the studio, the forum post cited high overheads and managerial incompetence as a pretty convincing case to cut your ties and call it a day.”

There’s plenty more on this story over on Develop.

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