Exclusive: Curve Digital’s Bomber Crew goes physical with Sold Out partnership

Bomber Crew was a huge hit for Curve Digital last year, with its runaway success on Steam earning it an MCV Awards shortlist spot. The company had plans to bring the game to console but those will now extend to a physical release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, working with boxed-specialist Sold Out.

The console versions will add content to the original game, which itself made $1m dollars in just its first two weeks on sale. The game puts the player in charge of a WWII bomber crew operating over Europe and provides a tough multitasking challenge to fend off enemy fighters, reach the target and deliver the payload accurately – all of it bundled up with clean, stylish graphics.

The game will release alongside A Knight’s Quest, an Unreal Engine-powered 3D adventure from Sky 9 Games in Toronto. Further games will be announced ‘in due course’ as part of the ongoing partnership.

It’s all great news for retail, with yet more once ‘digital-only’ games taking the option for a physical release – showing there’s plenty of life in boxed copies yet.

“We’re really excited about bringing our digital releases into the real world,” says Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Digital. “Whilst we’ve dabbled with small quantities here and there, our partnership with Sold Out means we can begin to establish a permanent presence, bringing our games to a broader audience. Whilst we’re only confirming two titles here today, we expect to announce further titles soon.”

“Curve Digital really is on fire at the moment, so we’re overjoyed to welcome them to the Sold Out family,” adds Garry Williams, managing director, Sold Out. “We’re committed to continuing to raise our game over the coming years, so we’re delighted to be growing our portfolio with some additional Curve games to come.”

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