Expect Nintendo’s IP push to continue – Lego, theme parks, jeans… what’s next?

Nintendo’s (somewhat dry) annual report is out and the key strategy seems to be more. That’s more Nintendo IP in more places than ever before. Having recently seen pictures of the upcoming Nintendo theme park, and the launch of a large Lego range, it’s intriguing to think what else Nintendo could be planning?

The report is clear that the company views this activity as being on a par with making actual games. “…for the IP expansion business, we will increase the use of Nintendo characters in different areas through collaborations with our corporate partners, including theme park projects, film, and merchandising. By doing so, we intend to increase opportunities for consumers to see Nintendo IP in their everyday lives and enhance the value of Nintendo IP, the source of our competitive strength. ”

Arguably, Nintendo has come somewhat late in recognising the power of its intellectual property. Disney, for instance, has known for decades that being everywhere is just as important as making great films… though of course you do have to keep doing both!

The company does of course continue to plan making both dedicated games devices as well as continuing its push into the mobile space as well.

“We will continue to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP in areas other than the dedicated video game platform business. The mobile business is one of these target areas. We aim for expanding the scope of our business by creating opportunities for consumers to encounter Nintendo IP through smart devices, which have built an extensive installed base worldwide.”

This is all due to the company recognising that the “gaming population is expanding rapidly beyond the bounds of the Company group’s past initiatives.”

In short Nintendo is going to be pushing its IP to more places in the future, so expect to see Mario and friends everywhere, while it continues to try and get more established in the mobile space as well.

“We will continue to flexibly transform ourselves by adapting to changing times while constantly valuing the spirit of originality based on the belief that ‘the true value of entertainment lies in its uniqueness’ – and will endeavor to continue providing products and services that people will be positively surprised and delighted by. “

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