Fable III confirmed for PC

Fable III will be coming to Windows – not only through retail but also via digital distribution.

Microsoft has announced that the game will be released as a downloadable title exclusively through the Games On Demand section of Games For Windows Live, with a price point of 39.99.

Last week, MCV pointed out that the box art for the Xbox 360 version of Fable III revealed a PC iteration was in the works.

Fable III will be the first title in the acclaimed franchise to be available as a digital download from launch, although Fable II was released last year in episodic form through Xbox Live.

Microsoft also announced a Limited Collector’s Edition will be available for Xbox 360, with an RRP of 59.99 – 10 more than the price for the standard edition.

It will feature downloadable content including new quests, locations and outfits, which will also be available to PC gamers. The Xbox edition will also include in-box items such as playing cards and a Guild Seal coin.

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