Fable III Villager Maker goes live

Microsoft is offering those who have pre-ordered Xbox 360 RPG release Fable III the chance to design an in-game character who will appear in their quest when the game arrives on October 29th.

The Fable III Villager Maker, which is accessible via browsers, allows those who have pre-ordered the game the chance to create their own character.

Once the final game arrives the character will then present gamers with an exclusive quest, as well as supply them with 1,000 gold pieces. The character will also persist throughout the game.

2,000 variations are possible using the tool, including customisations to his or her appearance, back story, personality and homeland. Users will also be able to use the character is a custom PC desktop and share their creation on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you create a valiant ally, an evil villain, or perhaps the perfect spouse, let your imagination run free as you make your mark in the fantastical world of Fable III,” the press release reads.

You can check out the Fable III Villager Maker here.

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