Facebook advertises new R4

Social networking site Facebook has allowed advertising for a new piracy-enabling R4-style card on its pages.

Ads for the DSTT card appear on profiles of subscribers to the site who have shown an interest in gaming. Like the R4, the DSTT allows consumers to download pirated DS games via a Mac or PC onto an SD card, which then slots into the adapted console.

The card does not work with the new DSi, but MCV understands that new version of both cards – the DSTTi and R4i – are already on the market.

A Nintendo spokesperson told MCV: Nintendo takes protection of its IP very seriously and we will examine this to determine if IP infringement has taken place.”
Facebook would not comment at the time of going to press.

The UK trade joined Nintendo in MCV to call for a UK ban on the cards’ sale last summer.

The Tokyo District Court in Japan granted an injunction against the sale of DS ‘piracy aids’ in February – effectively banning the country’s retailers from stocking them.

The cards are still freely available on eBay, but have finally been pulled from Amazon’s marketplace after a complaint by a third party.

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