Facebook blocks Gris advertisement for containing a ‘sexually suggestive’ statue

Facebook has rejected an advertisement for Devolver Digital’s Gris, claiming it was too "sexually suggestive".

"Facebook rejected a Gris launch trailer ad for this ‘sexually suggestive’ scene so this year is going great so far," stated Devolver Digital’s official Twitter account (thanks, Kotaku). When commenters suggested the clip was auto-tagged as sexual content via an AI algorithm and urged Devolver to resubmit, the company replied: "We did and it was and it was denied twice."

Here’s Gris’ launch trailer. Head to 39 secs to see the problematic content:

A Devolver representative told Kotaku via a statement "this is stupid".

“We appealed and they said the appeal was rejected based on the grounds that Facebook does not allow nudity. First of all, she’s a statue and second, absolutely no nudity is shown in that photo, nor is this what any reasonable person would consider ‘sexualized content’.”

"It’s a silly situation that lacks any common sense," a Devolver spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning, "but mostly we’re embarrassed to admit we’re still using Facebook."

Gris’ world comes from the imagination of Spanish painter Conrad Roset, known for his dreamy watercolour portraits. "It all started two years ago when Roger [Mendoza], Adrian [Cuevas] and Conrad, the founders of the studio, met up in a bar," composer Marco Albano told MCV in November.

"After six years in the triple-A industry I felt like engaging with a closer, more personal project that allowed us more creative freedom and presented new challenges to face," Cuevas said, echoing what a lot of former triple-A developers have been telling MCV this past year.

"They started talking about the idea of making an arty video game but with some challenge elements inside," Albano added. "So they talked and talked and in the end the idea became a real project. Two years ago, just here at Gamescom, they met up with Devolver and between them and Devolver it was love at first sight. So they started the project for real. They built up a studio, they hired people and Gris started to grow up."

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