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Facebook Gaming to build on its inspirational #SheTalksGames series as the Exclusive Media Partner of the Women in Games Awards

With nominations now open for the Women in Games Awards 2020, we’re incredibly pleased to announce that Facebook Gaming will again be supporting the event this year, as our Exclusive  Media Partner. 

Facebook Gaming has had a big year with the launch of its new app onto smartphones, a creator-first gaming platform designed to bring together the huge and varied communities of gamers that exist on Facebook.

“Facebook Gaming are delighted to partner once again with the MCV/Develop Women In Games Awards” said Cheryl Savage, Director of Gaming, Facebook EMEA. “This is the 5th year in which we have participated in the Women In Games and we are looking forward to celebrating the amazing contribution of women to the gaming industry in the UK in what has been a unique and certainly a very challenging year.”

“Women make up only 23% of the gaming workforce… This is something which Facebook is committed to changing.”

With the COVID-10 pandemic in mind, the awards currently has a dual plan with both digital and physical options for the big day, in order that we can ensure the safety of all our participants come November 25th, whatever the circumstances. A safety first approach will allow us to continue to celebrate the achievements of women in the industry today and raise awareness of the sector with the next generation, which Savage expands upon: 

She talks games
Just some of the inspirational speakers from Facebook’s #SheTalksGames series

“Women have an essential role in gaming, whether that’s as players, characters or professionals. Even though nearly half of all gamers are women, women make up only 23% of the gaming workforce. Women from ethnic minorities make up even less. Women are also seriously underrepresented in senior roles. This is something which Facebook is committed to changing through our Women in Gaming programme and by telling the stories of Women in the Gaming Industry through our #SheTalksGames Video Series”.

This is the fifth year of Facebook’s involvement with the awards and as our exclusive media partner they are a key element, providing additional reach for the awards, in order to give this inspirational event the broadest possible audience. MCV and Facebook Gaming encourage you to get involved today – so do nominate yourself, colleagues, peers or friends, for one of our ten categories here.

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