FACEIT ports $20,000 monthly Pro League to CS:GO

FACEIT have today launched the CS:GO FACEIT Pro League, where the best European players will compete for $20,000 of prize money each month, including non-professionals.

The league follows on from April’s launch of a similar league in Dota 2, and has also been set up with the same level of professional player consultation.

Virtus.pro’s Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and Fnatic’s Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjerhelped the tournament organiser to bring the league format to CS:GO.

"This is something I personally, as well as a lot of other pro players, have been wanting and waiting for a long time so I’m super excited to see it’s finally here," said Kajbjer.

The matches between pros will be streamed from their own viewpoint, as FACEIT’s platform also incorporate Twitch broadcasting prompts before each game. Pros will be invited to join the league to ‘guarantee a certain competitive level’.

Skilled players on the platform will also earn a chance to compete in the Pro League as the top 60 players of FACEIT’s current highest public league, the Master League, will be offered the chance to qualify at the end of each month.

The top five players of each qualification round will gain access to the FPL, offering undiscovered players a chance to be scouted by playing among the best in the world.

"Adding prize money will just make the games so much more interesting, as you will see a lot more learning content, and players doing their best in order to win," said Virtus.pro’s Wojtas. "The last thing, which I will enjoy the most is playing with all this sick young talent, just another step into international teams!"

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