Fallout 4 Pip-Boy peripheral won’t support large phones like the iPhone 6+

Owners of large ‘phablet’ smartphones such as the iPhone 6+ and Galaxy Note will not be able to use them in Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy accessory.

The device, revealed earlier this month and exclusive to GAME in the UK, will come with foam inserts for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy 5, and Samsung Galaxy 4. An additional customisable insert will allow for the use of other similarly sized phones.

As we wanted to stay faithful to the dimensions of the in-game model, any smartphones larger than the models listed will not fit inside the wearable device,” Bethesda explained. For these larger devices, our Pip-Boy companion app will still be available.”

Bethesda has also confirmed that it has already sold out of its entire supply of the special edition in North America, adding: We are still working out details on final inventory for European territories and expect to have information early next week.”

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