FaZe Clan paid $500,000 to sign NiKo according to report

FaZe Clan paid a massive $500,000 to mousesports in order to sign Nikola “NiKo” Kovac according to a report. 

Dot eSports reports that sources close to the deal are touting the $500,000 transfer fee, making it the largest transfer deal in CS:GO history that we know of. The previous record was $160,000 for Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom heading to Titan. 

While it is a massive amount of money it certainly sounds reasonable. NiKo is arguably one of the top three players in the world but has always struggled on Mouz, mainly thanks to having to carry the team solo a lot of the time. FaZe of course are no strangers to money, with a massive YouTube empire bringing in a ton of cash alongside their eSports teams. 

The fee was initially rumoured to be closer to the one million dollar mark, but FaZe released a statement warning that reported figures were not accurate. 

“We would like to make it clear to those interested in the ecosystem within professional Counter Strike, to not put too much stock into the numbers being falsely reported around this transaction,” said the FaZe organisation during that time. 

NiKo will join the FaZe lineup after DreamHack Masters concludes later this week. 

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