FaZe Clan rumoured to be leaving WESA

FaZe Clan is set to leave the WESA organisation, just a week after the group was formally announced.

Sources have informed IGN that FaZe will announce its intention to leave the World eSports Association as early as next week, having already told WESA commissioner Petro Fringuelli. This move will supposedly cost FaZe around $50,000, as well as the rumoured fee they were given as a founding team.

The move is a result of ESL wanting exclusivity from the organisations. FaZe, as well as many other top teams, has an agreement with a talent agency to represent it, but ESL has been trying to get all WESA members to exclusively partner with WESA. FaZe was not prepared to give up the relationship with its talent agency and thus is leaving WESA.

This news comes less than a week after WESA was announced, and losing one of the founding members is a massive blow. The organisation is designed to professionalise eSports and give players more of an official voice in many areas such as rulesets and transfers. Why FaZe decided to wait until after the group’s announcement to pull out is unclear, however this will certainly not be good for the WESA organisation that has already received a lot of flack from the eSports community.

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