Fears grow over PS Jailbreak

Though its validity remains unproved for the time being, the first retailer to sell what is being marketed as the first genuine method that allows the playing of pirated games on PS3 has insisted that the product is very real.

Speaking to Kotaku, Australian retailer OzModChips has posted a number of videos online demonstrating what it claims is the device successfully circumnavigating the PS3’s security features.

All that’s needed for the hack to work, the site claims, is for the user to plug a pre-supplied USB stick into the console. Then a simple combination of power button and eject button presses activates it, allowing the user to play unsigned – and pirated – code.

The device, called PS Jailbreak, is currently retailing for AUS $170 (just under 100). The site doesn’t have stock right now but is taking pre-orders and expects to ship its first deliveries by the end of August.

The retailer says that the device originates from China or Hong Kong” and essentially tricks the PS3 into believing it is a dev unit, which is a version of the console issued to developers and not bound by the normal restrictions found on a retail unit.

MCV has contacted Sony for comment.

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