FEATURE: UK’s Top Ten single SKUs of all time

Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch reveals the Top Ten games on single platforms, in terms of both unit sales and revenue, and takes a look at how controller sales have altered since 2007…

Basic analysis on Chart-Track’s CUBE online data warehouse solution could start with a simple list of best-sellers, either all-time, by year or any custom financial reporting period.

You could pick certain titles, genres, age ratings, developers, or any combination of factors. For example, in terms of all-time All Formats, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 are the current Top Two for both units and revenue. But leaving aside the multi-format juggernauts, the individual SKU best-sellers (in terms of units) shown here have been dominated by Dr Kawashima on DS for three years (162 weeks), which fell to No.2 in January, to be replaced by Mario Kart Wii.

The Top Four unit best-sellers are all Nintendo titles, but you may be surprised to learn that No.5 is a title from 2004, GTA:?San Andreas on PS2. In terms of money generated, Wii Fit is No.1, even without the revenues from its Balance Board accessory. PS2’s San Andreas is No.3 by revenue, followed by three Call of Duty titles on Xbox 360. At the time of analysis, Modern Warfare 3 on 360 is close to overtaking Modern Warfare 2 on 360. Black Ops overtook MW2 in just 11 weeks on 360 – a stunning achievement. But it’s worth noting that Black Ops was much more of a step-change in sell-though over MW2 than MW3 is over Black Ops.


As outlined previously, the super-grouping of controllers is shown here, split by format.

Controllers for Nintendo Wii (Wii Remotes/Nunchucks/Wheels) have declined, especially since Q4 2010, which goes hand in hand with Wii hardware and software declines.

It’s also worth noting that we saw the launch of Microsoft’s and Sony’s respective motion controller devices in late 2010.

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