FFXI players get FFXIV discount

Square Enix has announced a number of promotions open to existing players of current MMO Final Fantasy XI who wish to delve into the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV.

Those with an active account for FFXI are eligible for a 3.99 discount to the monthly subscription to FFXIV, bringing the price down to 5 as long as both games are tied to the same account. Users must pay be credit card and must not be in a free trial period.

This offer will remain in place until January 2011.

Also, players of the new game with a FFXI account will receive a special in-game item, the lightweight Hermes’ Shoes, at the beginning of their adventure.

Gamers will also be allowed to transfer the name of their FFXI character into FFXIV, so long as a user’s two accounts are linked before the new character is created in FFXIV.

All the above applies only to the PC version of the title. Details regarding the PS3 iteration will be announced at a later date.

It was reported earlier this week that development on the Xbox 360 version of the game has been suspended indefinitely.

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