FFXV DLC and free Holiday Pack update detailed

Square Enix has revealed more details about FFXV’s upcoming DLC pack and free game update. Landing on December 22nd, all FFXV owners will be able to download a free update for the game that adds a New Game+ mode and new photo frame feature.

The New Game+ mode will allow players to carry over all their previous stats and data to a brand new save file upon completing the game, while the photo frame feature lets players decorate Prompto’s photographs with a variety of themed frames.

Just in time for Christmas, all players will also be able to download a free Holiday Pack, offering a selection of accessories as well as a Carnival Passport for the upcoming Moogle Chocobo Carnival event, which takes place in late January. In addition to the Carnival event, players who download the free Holiday Pack now will also be able to access an exclusive Choco-Mog in-game t-shirt for Noctis and co to wear during the carnival.

Season Pass holders, however, have access to FFXV’s premium Holiday Pack. This needs to be downloaded separately from the free version, but includes several new items and accessories. One of the standout items is the Stamina Badge. This will allow Noctis to sprint and hang from his sword after point-warping in battle without expending stamina.

Other items will award players extra ability points for scoring A+ grades in battle, while another prevents your party from getting damaged by the fallout from casting magic spells. The premium Holiday Pack also includes additional themes and photo frames to use when sharing Prompto’s photographs over social media.

Square Enix recently announced it would be adding a number of free updates to its latest JRPG, the most controversial being certain story alterations to Chapter 13. It’s not yet clear what these "enrichments" will entail, but game director Hajime Tabata has stated that all will be revealed in due course.

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