FIFA 11 kicks off in October

EA has dated FIFA 11 in Europe for Friday, October 1st. The US will get the title a few days earlier on September 28th.

EA hopes the game will follow in the footsteps of last year’s massive selling and critically acclaimed FIFA 10, which boasts an impressive Metacritic score of 91.

The publisher has also revealed a new mode for the game. Creation Centre will allow 360 and PS3 owners to craft their own players and create their own teams by visiting the EA website.

Fans will even be able to share these players and teams with friends and download them onto their consoles to play online.

Having the ability to customize content in FIFA 11 to the degree where you are creating players and teams, choosing player attributes and managing team tactics effortlessly from the web opens up a world of possibilities of original content that fans will be able to create,” said PS3 and 360 FIFA producer David Rutter.

Creation Centre will perfectly compliment the official league and team licenses that are the hallmark of the FIFA franchise.”

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