FIFA 11 reinvents player authenticity

Such was the praise heaped on last year’s version that FIFA 11 has got its work cut out trying to better it – but if nothing else EA can be assured of another storming chart success this autumn when the new title hits retail.

Its headline improvement is the reinvention of player authenticity” thanks to what the publisher is calling the Personality+ game system.

The idea is that individual players will offer a better recreation of the real-life play style of each footballer. Skilful dribblers such as Aaron Lennon will touch the ball more frequently, keeping control tight. The likes of John Terry will touch the ball less frequently, but make up for it with greater strength on the ball.

Expect Wayne Rooney to strike effectively from distance and Kaka to deliver pinpoint-accurate passes.

The game has been built on a database of skills compiled by 1,700 scouts posted around the world evaluating players.

A new Pro Passing mechanic gives greater control over passing. Players will be given total control over direction and pace, and passing from a tight situation is more likely to lead to errors. String together a number of hurried passes and the move will likely break down. Take a touch to bring things under control, however, and the chances of building up to a goal scoring opportunity increase.

Personality+ is the evolution of individual distinctiveness that sees a footballer’s abilities on the pitch mirrored authentically in our game, creating individual personalities in FIFA 11,” executive producer Kaz Makita explained.

We have reached a level of sophistication within our game engine where footballers in our game will behave and perform as true individuals.”

FIFA 11 will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, PS2 DS, PSP and mobile this autumn.

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