FIFA 18 takes the lead after release of free World Cup content

A selection of new titles has hit Top 40 this week, but none has done the numbers to keep FIFA 18 returning to the top of the table, off the back of a continuing price promotion and free World Cup content.

The game’s meteoric rise is something I’ve longed dreamed of for my darling West Ham United, as the last three weeks for the title has seen sales increase by 89, 59 and 21 per cent, with the final 21 per cent increase in sales depositing it at No.1.

David Cage’s robots and emotion simulator Detroit: Become Human takes a spot no.2, while Far Cry 5 edges in front of God of War to get No.3, with some very close sales figures.

Then there are new — well, re-released — titles in the shape of Sega Mega Drive Classics and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary at No.5 and No.6, with Street Fighter, Overwatch and State of Decay 2 all within just a hair’s breadth of each other.

Otherwise, Tennis World Tour and Agony are the other top entries inside the Top 40, sliding in at No.31 and No.32 respectively.

There were no big releases to shake things up in the UK boxed chart last week, however the bitey-fighty Vampyr launches tomorrow and is long anticipated, and it faces some strong competition in the form of Codemaster’s Onrush, a bold new driving game developed by a team of developers well known for their work with World Rally Championship, Motorstorm and Drive Club.

Oh, and finally, pour one out for Grand Theft Auto V, which has now spent two weeks at No.13: has the UK finally hit the point where every single person in the country has their own copy of the open-world crime sim? Sales petering off now, just in time for Red Dead Redemption 2 to appear, would be a pretty good deal for developers Rockstar.

Boxed charts for the week ending 2nd June. Have at them. (Data courtesy of GfK/Ukie.) 

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