Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been canned – report

Six years after it was first announced, rumours are rife that Square Enix has cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Kotaku claims to have word of the cancellation from several sources”, saying it was announced internally within the last few weeks. In the weeks leading up to the decision Square is said to have folded” the game’s development into another title – most likely a numbered, full FF outing.

Those plans are also said to have been scrapped.

The publisher has apparently refrained from publically announcing the cancellation for fear of denting its share price.

When pressed, Square Enix said simply that it had no further information about the title at this time and refused to clarify whether or not rumours of its cancellation are true.

Concerns regarding the game had already been rumbling following its no-show at last year’s Tokyo Game Show and subsequently at E3 in June.

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