Final Fantasy XV hits 6.5m units

Final Fantasy XV has now sold over 6.5m units, according to the game’s director Hajime Tabata. Tabata revealed the figure during an interview with Gamespot over PAX 2017.

"From a business standpoint, we’ve achieved over 6.5m units," he said. "The fact that we’re still going to be putting out content till the launch of the Windows Edition – and then we have the Pocket Edition – this project has been very successful for us."

The Windows Edition of the game, which was revealed at this year’s Gamescom, is due out in 2018, while the Pocket Edition will be coming to iOS and Android devices later this year.

Despite the game’s success, however, Tabata said he doesn’t intend to draw out the game forever: "At some point we’re going to mark the end of the journey for Final Fantasy XV. With that said, we’re still listening to what the fans want and expect for this game.

He also revealed how many players have since completed the game since its launch last November. "A month after the game had launched, about 30 per cent of the people had beaten the game," he stated. "Now, after several months, that’s been continuously improving. We saw that rise to 60 per cent."

The impact of Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild has also been felt by the Final Fantasy development team, Tabata said, and may even influence the studio’s next project: "I personally haven’t been able to get my hands on a Switch yet because they’re really hard to find in Japan right now. It’s embarrassing to say.

"But just from hearing the stories and the feedback, you know, we can tell that it’s a really complete game. It’s very polished, almost a perfect game in that regard. And our goals are probably to take that experience that players felt with Breath of the Wild, but with our own technology and our own knowhow. We have in our disposal to create a very, very high-quality game with a strong visual element to it, while creating a world that’s really immersive and really beautiful. That’s probably our goals in terms of what we want to be with our next project."

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