Final form of Valve’s Steam Controller revealed

It’s been reimagined several times, but Valve’s PC-meets-console controller has finally settled on a design.

The updated pad retains the dual circular touchpad setup which marked out the very first Steam Controller, although the left touchpad has since been altered with a cross-shaped marking, reminiscent of a traditional D-pad.

The right touchpad is blank, and will seemingly be able to function like a laptop mousepad or track ball for mouse-driven titles.

The touchpads are joined by a more conventional analog stick, as well as face buttons which borrow the Xbox ABXY format and colour scheme, presumably to make bringing the Steam Controller to games which already support the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers more of a smooth transition.

Three buttons sit in the centre of the device, including a ‘Steam’ button, which will likely launch Steam into Big Picture mode. The other two buttons are likely to act in a manner similar to ‘Start’ and ‘Select/Back’ inputs.

Two bumpers and two triggers are also featured on the back of the peripheral.

The Steam Controller is currently slated for a November release, and has been priced at $49.99 in the US.

International release and pricing details are yet to emerge.

Take a look at the finalised controller below (Images via Gamespot,Polygonand Gizmodo).

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