Find out how much the UK games market made in 2014 in this week’s MCV

MCV has once again worked out how much the UK games market is worth.

Last year it rose 13 per cent fo 3.94bn. We break down the numbers, and show where the biggest areas of growth were.

We also speak to Capcom’s UK team about its plans for a comeback this year, and what to expect from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and DMC: Definitive Edition.

And we take a look at Nintendo’s New 3DS console, and talk to the platform holder’s UK head of consumer marketing James Honeywell about who the firm is aiming the console at and how it is marketing new releases Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The first big console exclusive of 2015 is The Order 1886 – but will it be a PlayStation 4 system seller? Ready at Dawn Ru Weerasuriya tells us more.

Below are the full contents of this week’s magazine. You can read the digital edition here.

  • COVER: The UK games market rose 13 per cent to 3.94bn in 2014
  • NEWS: Toy market declines as Moshi Monster falters
  • NEWS: Digital points cards worth 158m
  • NEWS: Two million Minecraft books sold in 2014
  • NEWS: Grand Theft Auto V is the No.1 game soundtrack
  • INTERVIEW: We speak to Capcom’s UK team about its plans for a comeback in 2015
  • FEATURE: What’s new about the New 3DS? MCV takes a look at the new console, and speaks to Nintendo’s head of consumer marketing James Honeywell
  • INTERVIEW: Snail Games is a huge player in the Chinese games market, and now it is bringing an Android console Obox to the West. We speak to US director of business development Dan Doughty to find out rmore
  • THE BIG GAME: The Order 1886 is the first big console exclusive of 2015, but is it going to be a PS4 system seller? Creative director Ru Weerasuriya explains
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: Sony Studio Liverpool veteran Nick Burcombe tells us what he’s been up to since he left the iconic studio, his new venture and trying to build a hit game without resorting to free-to-play
  • SHELF LIFE: PlayTime Nottingham boss Ben Schofield tells MCV about how he’s been customers in the store during the quiet January period, and why he keeps his website open despite it not bringing in huge sales
  • APPOINTMENTS: Sega appoints Jon Rooke named European marketing boss
  • MARGIN MAKERS: As Evolve hits stores, we round up the best co-op game merchandise on the market
  • INTERNATIONAL: While Japan continues to be one of the biggest games in the world, it has declined in value to the lowest in 24 years. MCV investigates

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