Finite wait for BioShock Infinite – it’s out October 19th

Developer and publisher 2K Games has confirmed an October 19th release date for BioShock Infinite in the UK.

It will be released a few days earlier in the US on October 16th.

We are excited to expand the world of BioShock, which is one of the industry’s most critically acclaimed and beloved franchises,” 2K president Christoph Hartmann said of the game following its official reveal in August.

We believe that Irrational Games will lend their meticulous attention to detail and unique storytelling expertise to make BioShock Infinite an incredible entertainment experience that will immerse new and diehard fans of BioShock alike.”

Infinite is being developed by the team behind the first title in the series and will be lead by Ken Levine, who skipped work on the second instalment.

Levine said of BiOShock Infinite: When it came to begin work on BioShock Infinite we only had one rule: No sacred cows. This game is both true to what people love about the series and unafraid to question every assumption.

In order to explore the floating city of Columbia, we needed an entirely new engine. To bring Elizabeth to life, we had to build brand-new animation and AI systems. To create wide-ranging indoor and outdoor fire fights at 30,000 feet, we had to rethink, rebuild and expand the BioShock arsenal. The only thing gamers can be certain of is this: the rules of the BioShock universe are about to change.”

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