Firaxis considered remaking Terror from the Deep

Firaxis says a remake of XCOM classic Terror from the Deep is still a possibility.

The 2K-owned studio brought XCOM back from the dead in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a remake of the original 1994 strategy classic of the same name.

It led some fans to call for a remake of the second XCOM game – 1995’s Terror from the Deep. Instead, Firaxis decided to take XCOM in its own direction with the upcoming XCOM 2, a game where aliens have already colonised the earth, and the player is challenged to reclaim the planet.

Firaxis producer Garth DeAngelis told MCV that Terror from the Deep was considered, and that it may still be a possibility in the future.

It definitely did occur to us,” he said. We love the XCOM community and I have seen that feedback on the forums from the hardcore fans. Creatively we decided not to go there… not yet anyway, who knows in the future.

We understand there is certainly a nostalgia factor there, so who knows? But not right now.”

XCOM 2 is coming only to PC and Mac, whereas its predecessor was also released on Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile platforms. DeAngelis says the decision to reduce platforms is so the developer can focus its efforts on adding more complexity to the gameplay.

Firaxis pedigree has been PC,” says DeAngelis. And there are things like modding, which we did not do with Enemy Unknown and we really wanted to create a robust toolset for modding to encourage that within the community. We wanted to be as focused as possible on the platform that would allow us to do that, and that is PC.

He added: There is always a cost developing for multi-platform because you are splitting mindshare. This allows our team to focus purely on making the best game possible, and work out how we can get the maximum amount of abilities and enemies and classes without having to worry about concurrent development.”

But what about down the line? Could the game get ported to other platforms?

I honestly don’t know. It could certainly be a possibility.”

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