First online games media league table revealed

Consumer press readerships are fast migrating online – but who is doing the best in the UK?

MCV can this week answer that question with the specialist games press’ first online ranking.

Using ComScore data obtained by MCV, we’ve ranked the top ten UK sites covering video games.

The full top ten is published below.

Click here for an image of the full chart.

TOP TEN: Games Site Traffic (UK only)


Total Unique Visitors: 2,218,631
Total Pages Viewed: 42,221,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 19.0
Average Minutes Per Visit: 7.1


Total Unique Visitors: 2,075,916
Total Pages Viewed: 18,813,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 9.1
Average Minutes Per Visit: 1.8


Total Unique Visitors: 524,525
Total Pages Viewed: 3,969,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 7.6
Average Minutes Per Visit: 6.8


Total Unique Visitors: 312,894
Total Pages Viewed: 3,139,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 10.0
Average Minutes Per Visit: 4.6


Total Unique Visitors: 250,171
Total Pages Viewed: 1,169,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 4.7
Average Minutes Per Visit: 2.4


Total Unique Visitors: 134,599
Total Pages Viewed: 884,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 6.6
Average Minutes Per Visit: 1.9

7. MCV

Total Unique Visitors: 72,470
Total Pages Viewed: 252,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 3.5
Average Minutes Per Visit: 1.9


Total Unique Visitors: 59,973
Total Pages Viewed: 206,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 3.4
Average Minutes Per Visit: 2.0

9. VG247

Total Unique Visitors: 33,001
Total Pages Viewed: 79,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 2.4
Average Minutes Per Visit: 1.1


Total Unique Visitors: 24,427
Total Pages Viewed: 87,000
Average Pages Per Visitor: 3.5
Average Minutes Per Visit: 1.6

The above listing includes key metrics including total unique visitors in the UK, total pages viewed, average pages per visitor and average minutes per visit.

ComScore data is collected using a variety of means including a wide consumer panel and its Hybrid server-monitoring network to get a real measure of online audiences. It is not self-certified like ABCe.

ComScore reports are trusted by media buyers across agencies and in-house teams at publishers and other entertainment and FMCG firms.

It’s the first time any such list has been made public for the UK, and arrives a week after games magazine firms opted out of print ABC figures.

Our top ten ranking will provide welcome direction for those looking to understand the UK-specific engagement and reach web content now has.

This report forms part of a special focus we’ve put together on the changing fortunes of the games median, part of this week’s issue of MCV which arrives with subscribers today and will be available as a free PDF download and browser-based digital edition for PC, Mac and iPad.

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