First there was Twitch plays Pokemon, now there’s Fish Plays Pokemon

As in, there is literally a fish playing Pokemon, live on Twitch.

Remember when crowdgaming pioneer Twitch Plays Pokemon made big news earlier this year? Well, things appear to have moved on somewhat.

As spotted earlier today, now we have Fish Plays Pokemon.

Welcome to our stream where our fish, Grayson Hopper, plays a Pokemon game,” the channel explains. Unfortunately, we don’t have a dedicated light for Grayson at night as he lives in a tiny dorm room and we would rather not sleep with the light on. But in the future we will be getting him a dedicated lamp and improving the quality of the stream to include recent inputs determined by the motion tracking.

Things can move a little slow, so another option we’re considering is making the system distributed where we have a site where you can provide a fish stream link and we’ll include it in the controlling.”

Indeed, things are slow. In the time MCV has been watching it’s probably fair to say that Grayson hasn’t achieved a tremendous amount. But the channel says that Grayson has been playing for around 125 hours” and has already acquired his first Pokemon, a Charmander named AAAABBK and defeated his first opponent, the rival’s squirtle”.

The channel’s FAQ also adds that no, the fish is not dead – he just sleeps sometimes”.

Twitch Plays Pokemon has continued, meanwhile, and recently beat Pokemon X, meaning it has successful beat one title for every generation in the series.

Anyhow, here’s Grayson in action:

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on

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