FirstBlood announces partnership with the Esports Integrity Coalition has announced a partnership with the Esports Integrity Coalition. 

The new partnership will see the two groups work together to form standard rulesets across the eSports world and utilise the FirstBlood tech to gather and share stats with all ESIC members. FirstBlood’s tech can be used to log match results, financial transactions, and social interactions, which can be use to identify toxic behavior without compromising an individual’s personal information. 

"This technology has a massive potential to strengthen esports integrity because of its decentralized, automated, and highly scalable design," said FirstBlood. "Together, the possibility exists to create a technological blockchain standard for esports that will produce a safe and enjoyable environment for amateur and pro players alike. Esports is already a massive ecosystem but it can only thrive if individual gamers believe they have a voice and an opportunity to shine. That’s why our team is using our technology and partnership with ESIC to build esports integrity and give power back to gamers, allowing them to justly achieve notoriety and capitalize on their skills."

FirstBlood becomes the latest in a long line of new partners for the ESIC, which is quickly becoming something of a major force is the eSports world. 

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