Flappy Bird is dead as clones flood app stores

True to his word, developer Doug Nguyen has removed smartphone hit Flappy Bird from app stores.

Nguyen on Saturday said he would pull the game within 24 hours, claiming on Twitter that I cannot take it anymore”, possibly referencing the sudden surge of attention he’d received following the game’s sudden success.

It was reported last week that Flappy Bird was making something in the region of $50k per day in ad revenue.

Those few individuals who missed out on the game, however, have plenty of clones to pick from on the Apple App Store and Google.

As rounded up by Eurogamer, a flood of clones have hit the market including Fly Birdie, Flying Flappy Unicorn Bird: The Frozen Sky Fall and the remarkably titled Happy Poo Flap. Many of these, it is worth noting, are using microtransactions. 69p for three lives, anyone?

Those with more cash to burn can instead opt to buy an iPhone with the game pre-installed on eBay, according to Kotaku.

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