Former Amazon and EA exec Patrick Buechner is Manticore Games’ new CMO

Former Amazon and EA exec Patrick Buechner has joined Manticore Games as its new chief marketing officer.

“When Jordan Maynard (co-founder of Manticore and a teammate of mine on Spore) first demoed Core to me, I had that same feeling I’d had the first time I played with the early building tools in The Sims – it was magical!” Buechner said in a blog post on the company’s website. “He built a multiplayer first-person shooter in about six minutes from templates in Core. Then within seconds it was published and playable. I asked him if he could add helicopters to the game – he quickly opened up a different game, found some choppers, hit CTRL-C, went back to the original game, hit CTRL-V, and they were patrolling. Like magic!

Patrick Buechner

“Core is poised to unleash a new generation of creators. Instead of working within the confines of a specific game, art style or genre, Core’s creators will be able to make their own experiences from scratch – whatever they can imagine – at Unreal engine quality (Core is powered by Unreal),” Buechner added.

Manticore Games raised $30 million in Series B funding back in September to launch “a new ecosystem for creating, sharing, and playing high-quality online games”, Core.

Self-described as “a digital playground and community designed to unleash imagination and redefine game creation, distribution and play” the new Californian company – led by Frederic Descamps and Jordan Maynard, who bring experiences from companies such as EA, Zynga, Xfire, Trion Worlds, and A Bit Lucky – was founded with the mission to “help define the next era in games”.

“Core’s mission is to empower and discover a whole new generation of creators,” Frederic Descamps, CEO and co-founder of Manticore Games, said at the time. “Developing successful multiplayer online games today is extremely arduous and mostly reserved for well-resourced teams. Core frees creators from those constraints and allows their creativity to thrive with experimentation and collaboration.”

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