Former EA marketing director sets up new games marketing consultancy

EA Chillingo’s former marketing director Stephen Hey has set up his own games marketing consultancy, HeyStephenHey.

The new firm aims to provide ‘plug-in marketing expertise’ for both independent developers and publishers, with potential clients benefitting from Hey’s 24 years of experience promoting games across a variety of platforms. While the company will be based primarily in Manchester, Hey already works with a number of clients around the world. He also has a wide network of support companies, ranging from asset creators, PR and influencer agencies, which he can deploy into wider marketing campaigns.

In addition to providing marketing guidance for teams at any point in a game’s development cycle, whether it’s helping to create a game’s initial marketing plans or taking it right through to launch on console, PC or mobile, Hey will also offer services such as defining market position, consumer profiling, full marketing strategies, plans and platform pitches.

Hey commented: "I’ve always loved working in games but always wanted to work with independent developers who are rich in ideas but don’t necessarily have the resources for full time marketing teams. This role allows me to work with developers and publishers who are developing some of the most creative and innovative games in the industry and I can’t tell you how exciting that is."

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