Former KeSPA president Jun Byung-Hun has a warrant issued for his arrest

Jun Byung-Hun, the former Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA) president, has had a warrant issued for his arrest mere days after issuing a statement denying all allegations of foul play.

Byung-Hun is now wanted for charges including embezzlement and bribery, the result of government prosecutors looking into Byung-Hun’s actions while he was running KeSPA. These prosecutors have claimed to have found evidence on multiple incidents of corruption in the Korean media and game industries.

The issue is altogether more serious than it first appeared, and the prosecutors are now expanding their probe and bringing additional charges to bear after a complaint by Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee, Yeo Myung-Sook. Myung-Sook alleges that Korean gaming outfits were bribing government officials to delay the regulation of microtransaction. Myung-Sook places the blame for this at Byung-Hun’s door, calling him the “root of the corruption” in Korea’s esports industry.

Jun Byung-Hun is already accused of accepting $300,000 for KeSPA from Lotte Homeshopping, a Korean shopping network. At the time he claimed that his aides were the only ones involved in the scandal. These latest charges make it look a bit like he’s telling porkies.

A fourth individual is also being charged, a former KeSPA secretary-general who has been charged for allegedly using KeSPA cash to pay the salary of some of Jun’s private staff.

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