Former Total War art director forms new UK studio

BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and former technical art director on the Total War franchise, Jodie Azhar, has created a new UK development studio, Teazelcat Games.

The studio is already at work on its first unannounced project, a narrative-focused title coming to both PC and consoles. The stated goal of Teazelcat is to make games with inclusivity in mind, aiming to create a welcoming, enjoyable space for any and all.

As the press release for Teazelcat states: “As a queer, mixed race, female developer Jodie values inclusivity and representation and has made them a foundation for both the games they develop and the team that makes them. During her decade in the industry she has deliberately worked no crunch or overtime, and wants to champion developer wellbeing by promoting balance and sustainability, leaving the team to focus on creating impactful narrative experiences.”

So no 100-hour weeks here, then.

Based in Horsham, near Brighton, the team so far comprises of Azhar during pre-production on the new project. The aim is to hire remote working staff on contract as the project moves into production, with Azhar telling MCV: “I’m keen to build a supportive studio culture made up of the right people who work well together and every team member is contributing creatively to the projects.

“So I want to ensure that anyone we bring on as permanent staff has a good salary and a stable job. If I find someone who is a great fit for the team I’d love to bring them on as permanent staff, but we’ll be focusing on the game itself for the first project and growing the core team once we’re working on the next game. We’ll be aiming to remain a small team though, to ensure everyone is focused on the games.”

Teazelcat is hiring for all facets of development, so long as applicants are interested in working on inclusive, narrative-focused titles – but there is a particular interest in hiring 2D, 3D, animation and VFX artists currently. Interested parties can get in touch at:

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