Forza 3 to come on two DVDs

The increasing complexity of games and the limited storage capacity of DVDs has been threatening to come to a head for Xbox 360 of late, and Forza 3 is set to be the game that finally breaks it.

Forza’s content director John Wendl told Joystiq that: It is going to ship on two discs. Disc one is the full experience. Even disc one is bigger than any other racing game out there. Disc two includes a lot of extra cars, even a handful of tracks.”

Users will be able to install content from the second disc on the Xbox 360 HDD so discs will never have to be swapped – except, of course, for those few Xbox 360 owners without a hard disc.

Forza 3 won’t be the first Xbox 360 to come with more than one disc. Mystwalker’s RPG Lost Odyssey, also a Microsoft published title, shipped with four discs in the box so as to house the huge amount of FMV cut scenes.

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