Forza Motorsport 5: Five things you should know

We got some hands-on time with Turn 10’s upcoming sim racer, which is also a launch title for the next-gen Xbox One console. Here are fivefacts about Forza 5 you may not know.

Open-wheeled cars are in

A first for the series, Turn 10 has finally given in to fan requests by including open-wheeled cars in Forza 5. In case you’re wondering what those are, they’re cars where the tires aren’t shrouded within the body of the car, but extend outside it, like a Formula 1 car.

Still no weather effects

Despite the next-gen power of the Xbox One at its disposal, Turn 10 has chosen not to include weather effects in Forza 5, saying that since this was the first Forza game on the Xbox One, they wanted to get the basics right.

Every car in Vista mode

The Autovista mode was introduced in Forza 4 to allow car lovers to inspect and admire their favourite cars in minute detail, but the feature extended to just 24 cars. In Forza 5, the developer has confirmed that the feature will now extend to each of the game’s hundreds of cars”.

Drivatar works in every game mode; even offline

Drivatar, the new AI system that learns from and mimics human Forza players, will also be available if you’re playing solo and are not connected to the internet. When you do go online, the game will download a number of Drivatars, and these will be available even when you’re playing offline.

A dynamic score

In what seems like a first for a hardcore racing game, Forza 5 will feature a dynamic orchestral score to accompany the off and on-track action. And this isn’t just any orchestra; Turn 10 partnered with Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilm) to create a score that ebbs and flows based on what’s happening on screen.

Forza Motorsport 5 is a launch title for the Xbox One, which is set for release in November in 21 countries, which India is not part of. In fact, as confirmed my Microsoft, India will only get the Xbox One in late 2014.

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