Fox giving Gearbox room to breathe

Its long development cycle may give the impression of fraught relationships behind the scenes, but developer Gearbox has got nothing but praise for 20th Century Fox.

The studio is currently hard at work on tense shooter title Aliens: Colonial Marine. And speaking to GameSpot, Gearbox’s chief creative officer Brian Martel says that Fox is proving to be an excellent partner.

They’ve given us a lot of freedom at 20th Century Fox. Fox have been really cool about it,” he insisted.

It’s been a really exciting experience to work with those guys. They want us to stay within the canon of the movies so this game takes place after Alien 3 but it is a spiritual sequel to Aliens.

But also Fox have let us delve into the Alien hive, their lifecycle and all those sort of things. We’ve been able to create some new Aliens that make sense for gameplay because making a game is very different from making a movie. You need different requirements.”

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