FPS Man vs Machine sets 999 player record

A new Guinness World record has been set for the number of simultaneous players competing in a single FPS battlefield.

Browser-based FPS Man vs Machine from developer MuchDifferent saw 999 players take to the action at one time over the weekend, with each paying $29 to participate.

The achievement smashes the 600 player record held by Planetside.

Yesterday, we did something amazing,” MuchDifferent CEO Christian Lnnholm stated. Gamers and developers from all over the world fought a never before seen massive onlinebattle. 999 players amassed the field anddespite one team being obviously more powerful, it was all great fun.”

The studio had aimed to hit the 1,000 player mark, but fell just short.

I am very proud that we could show the world such a massive game with no lag and greatresponsiveness,” Lnnholm added. We never managed to get the full thousand though, because of theinherentunpredictability of the internet with players constantly timing out and logging out.

But it’s ok. With 999 players, we still managed to raise the unofficial PlanetSiderecord with 600 players. For about two hours, people could experience a smooth massive game experience.”

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