Free-to-play Battlefield revealed

As was confirmed yesterday, EA has revealed a brand new free-to-play iteration of its Battlefield franchise.

Unlike the existing Battlefield Heroes, which was a third person title with cartoon cel-shaded graphics, this new game sticks more rigidly to the current Battlefield formula. Though expect it to retain Heroes’ premium in-game purchasing elements, of course.

Set in the modern-day, it looks to closely resemble the multiplayer template laid out by existing title Bad Company 2. It will offer 32-person online multiplayer and promises to allow user to experience the career of a professional soldier”.

Just this week we’re announcing a game which is extremely high definition
in terms of free-to-play and we’re moving the free-to-play market into the
next generation,” Easy EA Ben Cousins told the London Games Conference audience last night.

We see the opportunity in the next two to five years to
cause quite a significant disruption in the triple-A console market.”

Battlefield is just the latest of an increasingly long-line of EA IP to get the free online treatment, with other IPs including FIFA and Tiger Woods.

The game’s official site is currently accepting beta sign-ups. You can watch the launch trailer below.

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