Free-to-play Killzone 3 hits PSN today

The free standalone multiplayer version of Sony shooter Killzone 3 is available to download on PSN today, with a paid-for upgrade available.

As revealed last week, users can download the standalone version of the PS3 game’s online mode, which includes all the original Killzone 3 maps, DLC levels and Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations modes. The download is simply titled Killzone 3 Multiplayer.

Players can reach the rank of Sergeant I for free, but they’ll have to pay 11.99 to progress beyond this. Paying the fee will also give them access to four extra trophies, a 24-hour double XP bonus, three unlock points and the ability to set up clans, custom games and the Botzone mode.

Consumers who already own Killzone 3, or pay to unlock the full multiplayer mode, will receive double in-game XP points this weekend. This promotion starts on Friday, March 2nd at 5pm and lasts until Monday, March 5th at 10am.

Killzone 3 first arrived on PS3 in February 2011.

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