Free, virtual narrative gaming celebration, LudoNarraCon, will launch next month

Fellow Traveller – formally known as Surprise Attack Games – has announced LudoNarraCon, a new, free digital convention that plans to virtually unite the teams behind 20 games in “celebrating narrative video games”.

The event will debut on May 10th and run until May 13th and is set to feature live content from “industry influences”. Hosted on Steam, 20+ developers will exhibit via livestreams shared via their store pages, and there will also be a “dedicated event page” that will feature a “central theatre stream with panels on topics related to the narrative games genre as well as links to all exhibiting games and a sale with discounts on more than 40 titles”.

“Seeking to replicate as many of the aspects and benefits of the physical convention experience as possible, LudoNarraCon will give fans a unique glimpse behind the scenes and into the studios of some of their favourite narrative games without having to leave home,” the press release states. “The event will feature AMAs, live interviews and a select number of downloadable demos.”

Exhibitors confirmed so far include Tiny Bull Games, Kitfox Games, Paranoid Productions, Weather Factory, Feral Cat Den, Team Fractal Alligator, Jump Over the Age, Chance Agency, Die Gute Fabrik, Osmotic Studios, Memory of God, Dim Bulb Games, inkle Ltd, Sunless Skies, Warm Lamp Games / Alawar, and Fictiorama Studios / BadLand Games.

“This is an inclusive event that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere,” the website adds. “Fans of weird and interesting narrative games will be able to join together in a digital space to hear news about exciting upcoming games, play demos, and hear from talented creators!

“LudoNarraCon is an experiment designed to address discoverability. By livestreaming the event on Steam’s storefront, we hope to recreate the benefits of physical conventions without anyone having to leave their homes or deal with con-flu.”

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