Freelance marketplace Fiverr introduces new ‘gaming’ category

Freelance marketplace, Fiverr, has introduced a new category – “Gaming” – specifically for freelancers working – or aspiring to work – in the video game industry (thanks, The category includes sub-genres such as logo design, video editing, illustration, as well as game design, modelling, producers, composers, sound effects, voice over, QA, and an all-encompassing sub-category entitled “game development”.

Users can select from 2D or 3D services, genre, game engine, as well as plug-ins – including monetisation – and advertisements. There’s also a further unique category called “gamers and streamers” which includes anything from coaching lessons, video editing, and artwork for Twitch splash screens, to “game sessions” where users can purchase the time of other gamers to get trophies, play battle royales, or just “help you feel good and play games with you“.

As point outs, at the time of writing some users are offering to develop entire games for $60, and concept art for as little as $15. One offer says the user will “build money making multiplayer android or iOS shooting game”, with unlimited revisions, with prices starting from $5 and a turnaround of a single day. 

Fiverr has previously been under fire of purportedly deflating the true costs of many artistic disciplines owing to its gig economy system that permits people to advertise rates as low as $5. An investigation by PCGN a few years ago found a number of Fiverr advertisements had offered Steam reviews in exchange for payment and/or a free copy of a game, a practice that had also previously troubled megacorp Amazon, leading it to take legal action to combat “false, misleading and inauthentic” reviews on its website after it took a number of review sellers to court.

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