Fresh Foxconn worker unrest halts iPhone 5 production

Production of the iPhone 5 has been halted once again following fresh disruption at Chinese manufacturer Foxconn.

Reports from Asia suggest that up to 4,000 workers at the controversial factory have staged a walkout over a dispute about forced holiday work, stopping iPhone 5 production lines at multiple” locations.

The dispute originated from Foxconn’s Zhengshou plant and subsequently spread to three other locations. What are described as overly strict demands on product quality” reportedly led to fights between workers and inspectors.

In typical Foxconn style, the troubles were ended on Saturday night after all those involved were threatened with the sack.

Late last month riots led to another Foxconn closure, though it was unclear whether the previous disruption affected iPhone 5 production. A recent report highlighted the terrible working conditions suffered by Foxconn’s 1m+ workforce.

The iPhone 5 continues to be in short supply in the UK, with many customers still waiting for their launch day pre-orders.

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